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At EB Trading Corp, we focus on your business and personal needs by offering quality products, good customer service, and great value to both industry and the consumer.  Because of our affiliations with local manufacturers, we are able to offer unique or specialty items including precision & hobby tools, Industrial Tools & Machinery, Seasonal & Misc. Overstock items, along with a full line of quality paper wipers. 
Our product variety allows us to be flexible and offer great bargains.  All of our products are new with the exception of the Industrial Tools and Machinery Shop, where items are marked as new or used.

Our Paper Shop offers a full line of quality paper wipers ranging from economical to professional. We stock wipers and rags for almost any application - window cleaning, oil or chemical cleanup, food service napkins, shop cleanup, polishing cloths, healthcare use and lint-free applications. Most are available in a variety of sizes and cost 30-50% less than major brands.

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DRC Shop Towels
Piccolo Holder
Hobby Clamps
Cardinal Mailbox Wrap